Saturday, September 20, 2008

Monsters Inc.

Redesign assignment for my concept art class; I chose Monsters Inc. to redesign. Right now I consider it "done", but I know its a bit wonky in some areas, particularly the shapes and values. But I do plan on going back in and fixing things up some time in the future. I wanted the redesign to be more gnarly and mature. So the back story behind this was that Sully and Mike found a doorway to a strip club and therefore stripper Boo, or should I say Boob. Ha! Below were some other ideas and values studies I had to do beforehand

Color Environment Sketches

Friday, September 19, 2008

Tank Finished

I put a little bit more time into this painting. and with some tips from my good friend Cliff, I think it came out pretty cool.

Canyon Factory

i did this painting/photo collage for the third week of jung's class. i put more time and added stuff into than what i originally turned in, particularly the machinery. anyway, i was part of cecil's class last year and i learned a lot and improved a lot too; thank you cecil! and now im sitting in in jung's class and it is going really great. both teachers are awesome, but its cool seeing two separate processes of painting.... all we need is andy park so we can have the GOW concept team teaching at otis!